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i love fragrance that i get a lot of compliments from. i don't like heavy and cloying scents that suffocate. i love products that will make me comfortable. i hate fake products that will make you regret you ever bought it. i love meditating with Zen music and potpourri burners. i don't like music that destroys the inner peace. i love essential oils and love buying oil burners. i hate essential oils that are really NOT essential oils the moment you use them. i love make-up that blends naturally and looks great on you. i hate clown-like make-up when you're not one and make-up that damages the skin. i love uplifting facials with diamond peel and stress-busting shiatsu massage. i hate hard massages that make me literally sick with matching aching muscles. i love belly dancing that i enjoyed so much and effectively burned my fats in less than two weeks. i hate workouts that doesn't really work out and just prompts you to pig out more.

Monday, July 5, 2010

7 Relaxation Tips That Relieve Stress

Using any relaxation tips you may have picked up over the years is a great way to deal with the stresses in your daily life. Sometimes, when you're feeling stressed out, having someone tell you to relax or "chill out" is more annoying than anything else. But it's advice you should take to heart, especially if you are having a bad day - or week.

Here are 7 tips that will help you relax when you're feeling stressed.

1. Take a Warm Bath

Soaking in a tub full of warm water can work wonders when you're feeling stressed. The warm water relaxes you physically, loosening tight, stiff muscles. And, as a result, you relax mentally as well.

2. Read a Good Book

One of the best ways to deal with a stressful situation, especially if the stress is caused by something you have no control over, is to not think about it. And one of the easiest ways to get your mind off things that are bothering you is to read a good book.

You can read the latest best seller that you've been looking forward to. Or, if you don't think you will be able to concentrate on anything new, choose an old favorite that you're already familiar with.

3. Listen to Some Music

It's a proven fact that soothing music can be relaxing. The type of music you choose is entirely up to you. Buy a CD or cassette featuring soft, modern ballads, gentle classics, smooth jazz, or New Age music. When you feel stressed, pop the music into the player and let the music carry you away.
4. Take a Deep Breath

Something as simple as taking a couple of deep breaths can work wonders. So, the next time you feel stressed, take a few slow, deep breaths. And, if you can, add a full body stretch. Stretching and yawning are also relaxing.

5. Try Aromatherapy

Certain scents have been found to have a calming, relaxing effect on the human body. One of those scents is lavender.

You can buy lavender candles at a health food store or online, and place them around your home or office. Whenever you're feeling stressed, burning a lavender candle can help you relax.

Just make sure your lavender candles are made with essential oils.

6. Try Visualization

The things you visualize or imagine can actually have an effect on your mood.

The next time you are feeling stressed, take a moment to close your eyes and imagine that you are somewhere more relaxing, like on a beach. Imagine that you can feel the cool breeze against your skin, and hear the ocean waves.

If you're stressed about a situation, like giving a speech in front of a large crowd, close your eyes and visualize yourself giving the speech, and everything going perfectly.

Visualization can help you feel calmer, and better able to deal with whatever has you feeling stressed in the first place.

7. Spend Time Outdoors

Sunlight and fresh air have remarkable abilities to heal our spirit. Often something just as simple as taking a short walk around the block can help reset our priorities. Even yard work can be relaxing if approached from the right frame of mind.