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i love fragrance that i get a lot of compliments from. i don't like heavy and cloying scents that suffocate. i love products that will make me comfortable. i hate fake products that will make you regret you ever bought it. i love meditating with Zen music and potpourri burners. i don't like music that destroys the inner peace. i love essential oils and love buying oil burners. i hate essential oils that are really NOT essential oils the moment you use them. i love make-up that blends naturally and looks great on you. i hate clown-like make-up when you're not one and make-up that damages the skin. i love uplifting facials with diamond peel and stress-busting shiatsu massage. i hate hard massages that make me literally sick with matching aching muscles. i love belly dancing that i enjoyed so much and effectively burned my fats in less than two weeks. i hate workouts that doesn't really work out and just prompts you to pig out more.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Erasul Acne Cleanser Soap

almost everyone i know has or had acne. i get breakouts especially a week or two before my menstrual period comes. i am my own guinea pig. be careful of the marketing hype, they say. we don't want false promises of course but since each person's hormone or body chemistry differs from another, some products work differently as well.

you wouldn't find out if a certain product works for you or not if you're not going to try it. i am a risk-taker, then again, i play the cards right. especially with make-up that i am planning to put on my face, i consult my dermatologist to double check if there's something harmful in the ingredients. i highly recommend you CONSULT a dermatologist rather than rely on other people's opinion via forums and threads. it's okay to share thoughts and personal reviews on a product that you have tried but i see other people consulting another user about things that a dermatologist knows best.

enter Erasul. a few years back, my dad was using the soap not because he had breakouts but because he's a vain beast who doesn't like seeing wrinkles or dryness on his face (yes, some men are vain as well, he's in his 60s, and he and mom do not have wrinkles but fine lines rather). i remembered it was the old packaging then. well, i didn't really know why dad used the soap but mom and i noticed that he had smooth face that the pores minimized or tight or whatever you call it. he also had a bright glow on his face, a sign of great skin.

what a fool i was for not even considering the soap to stop and fight my acne a few years back. i thought my journey to halt acne wouldn't end until i used Erasul! the soap cleansed my pores to the very inside i can see it in my magnified mirror. the soap has sulfur (skin disease fighter) but what's great about the soap is that there isn't a hint of the sulphuric scent. the soap is a transparent, honey-colored bar. with just the initial use, i saw desired results. it really does make the skin smooth and dewy, my skin had that moist glow. my acne was gone even before i finished the first bar. i believe the soap doesn't have any hardeners because they melt easily. i would suggest you buy a soap dish that has holes or strainers to keep the soap dry or so it won't be soaked in water. overall, i love this soap!!!

PRODUCT NAME: Erasul Acne Cleanser Soap
PRICE: Php 121 - Php 122
RATING: 5 / 5

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