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i love fragrance that i get a lot of compliments from. i don't like heavy and cloying scents that suffocate. i love products that will make me comfortable. i hate fake products that will make you regret you ever bought it. i love meditating with Zen music and potpourri burners. i don't like music that destroys the inner peace. i love essential oils and love buying oil burners. i hate essential oils that are really NOT essential oils the moment you use them. i love make-up that blends naturally and looks great on you. i hate clown-like make-up when you're not one and make-up that damages the skin. i love uplifting facials with diamond peel and stress-busting shiatsu massage. i hate hard massages that make me literally sick with matching aching muscles. i love belly dancing that i enjoyed so much and effectively burned my fats in less than two weeks. i hate workouts that doesn't really work out and just prompts you to pig out more.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Lacoste Pour Femme and Gucci II

for my birthday last November, my brother sent me a gift while he was travelling in Europe: the Lacoste Pour Femme or some call it Lacoste Skin. he didn't know that this is one of my personal favorites and i'm glad he hit the bullseye eve without knowing that i love this scent! thank God for the gift of intuition! anyway, i have decided that i will only use my eau de parfums during very very verrry special occasions or when i have run out of body mists, which rarely happens. there were times, though, that i didn't really run out of mists but was in the mood to wear the Pour Femme at the office. one of my friends, a girl named Symone, detected that i was wearing the Pour Femme. she told me how she loved the scent as well. i told her i don't like heavy or cloying scents because i have migraine and rhinitis. the Pour Femme is very light and pleasant to the senses but is best if you have an active lifestyle. i spritz on my body before dressing up and still spritz on my clothes for a pump or two and i'm off to work! even if i don't re-spritz for the rest of the day, the scent stays the same, becoming more and more girly especially with the North Pole-like mode of our office' air-conditioning system. when i go out and it's hot or humid, the scent now defies the smell of sweat on skin and becomes sexier... imagine a sexy, Caribbean summer getaway. even at the office, one of my friends, Joyce D., also complimented me when i wore the Pour Femme one time. she said i smelled so great and asked if i'm wearing the Pour Femme. the scent, i should say, describes an elegance that can be worn in the office or not so special days.
i'm not sure how much it is sold here in the Philippines because there are import taxes on top of the cost of the perfumes but the Lacoste Pour Femme is $44-45 in the United States for 50ml. you can check out the Fragrance Section of the malls and check out this perfume, one guy from the Fragrance Section told me that this is Lacoste's best-selling eau de parfum for women, not the Touch of Pink.

Gucci II. when an ex-boyfriend from Los Angeles paid me a visit one summer (i wasn't hitched yet at that time), and . i love the color pink. i was ecstatic when i saw the baby pink-colored box and voila! when i opened the box and took out the bottle of perfume, the perfume has pink liquid as well! ooh, how nice, i thought! i just hate those perfumes where your paying for the "thick glass bottle" than the content (which is less). i couldn't bring the Gucci II at work because it's literally heavy because of the glass bottle itself. i'm so glad that, when my brother got home from the United States, he gave me this perfume, well, because i told him that i love it when my ex gave me this.
anyway, here goes. the moment i opened the glass cap, i could smell the scent and i fell in love instantly. this is one of the pleasant, non-cloying eau de parfums, which is great! i sprayed this on the skin under the ears and people from ten feet away or so said they can smell me!
overall, i can say that the Gucci II is a scent that is a sweet, sexy, kissable feminine. again, i don't know how much this costs here in the country but in the United States, the price is $75 for 50ml.

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